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The Perfect Vegan Pancakes

I have an embarrassing confession to make… until just a short while ago, I couldn’t make vegan pancakes. Almost every time I tried, the batter would come out sticky, undercooked, burned, gummy, thick, or thin. Sometimes all of the above at once. One attempt after another, one disaster after another.

I had these terrible dreams that I would someday be on a cooking game show, crushing the competition and moving through the challenges until I reached the final round. The announcer would say, “and for the grand prize, Andrew, all you have to do is… cook a simple pancake!” My face would fill with dread and I’d shout “NOOOOOO” as I ran out of the kitchen.

I mean, this isn’t completely my fault. Making light, fluffy, delicious vegan pancakes with only real ingredients is really hard. They say that the mark of a good chef is the ability to cook an egg perfectly. It’s a simple thing that requires so much skill to get right. In the world of vegan cooking, I think pancakes are the true test; if you can get them right, you can cook anything.

Recently I decided to conquer this problem. I read books on baking, I studied the science of how gluten reacts in batter, I practiced, failed, and practiced some more. Ultimately I realized that cooking vegan pancakes is easy once you know the proper technique. Honestly, much of what clicked for me came after reading this article by America’s Test Kitchen, Secrets to Perfect Pancakes.

When everything finally came together, it was totally worth the struggle. These are by far the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever tasted. They’re simple, sweet, light, fluffy, and just a little tart from the “buttermilk” we add. If you’ve ever struggled with pancakes, definitely give this recipe / tutorial a shot.

Vegan Pancakes

Makes 6 4-inch pancakes


  • 1 cup flour (all-purpose or whole wheat)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed
  • 1 cup + 1 tablespoon non-dairy milk
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

Tips for Perfect Pancakes

  • Over mixing is your enemy. This is the most common mistake. When wheat flour is mixed too much, it stresses the gluten and leads to tough, gummy, terrible pancakes. Seriously, a few swirls to incorporate the wet & dry ingredients is enough. You want to leave lots of lumps in your batter.
  • Hot pan! The pan must be very hot for pancakes to come out right. If you add the batter into a mildly-warm pan, they will be undercooked and gummy. If you don’t hear a sizzle the moment the batter hits the pan, you’re in trouble.
  • Wait for those bubbles. When making pancakes, if you get the batter and temperatures right, you should see bubbles on the surface at around the 2-minute mark. Then flip and cook for 1.5 minutes on the other side.
  • Keep them warm. When making pancakes for the whole family, it can be tough to keep them all warm since you can only make 2-3 at a time. Add a cooling rack to the oven and warm it to 150-200º F. As the first batches are finished, pop them in the oven to stay warm.

Easy Vegan Pancakes

Vegan Pancake Recipe

How to Make Perfect Vegan Pancake

Step One: Flax Egg

One of the most exciting parts about this recipe is that it uses no banana. So many vegan pancake recipes rely on banana to hold things together. This makes the batter too dense, for one, and it also adds a banana taste (not surprisingly). Instead, we’ll use a flax egg, which is 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed with 2.5 tablespoons of water. Whisk these together in a bowl and set aside to thicken.

Step Two: Mix Carefully

In a medium mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt) and stir together.

In a separate bowl, add the non-dairy milk and apple cider vinegar to create buttermilk. Then add one tablespoon melted coconut oil and finally the flax egg. Mix the wet ingredients.

Now, carefully mix the two together without stressing the batter. To do this, form a “crater” in the middle of the dry ingredients, then pour the wet ingredients (as shown) into the crater. Slowly stir until most of the batter is incorporated. A few small lumps are your friend, too much mixing is not.

Vegan Pancakes Batter

Step Three: Hot Pan

Warm the pan over medium-high heat for 3-5 minutes. Then, use a paper towel to spread a little vegetable oil over the bottom of the pan. Test the temperature by cooking one small pancake first. If it sizzles when it hits the pan and forms bubbles after 1-2 minutes without burning, your temperatures are right.

Use a 1/4 cup measurement to create the perfect 4-inch pancakes. If your pan is large enough, you can cook 2-3 at a time. Again, wait 2 minutes for large bubbles to form on the surface, then flip and cook for another 90 seconds. Store the first batches in a warm oven while you finish the rest. Then, top with blueberries, maple syrup, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut whipped cream, or whatever you love on pancakes.

Vegan Pancakes Syrup


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  1. oh that dream is so funny and heartbreaking at the same time! these look delicious, definitely trying the recipe soon. Thank you for sharing and I’m so happy you finally nailed it 😉

    • Thanks, Zainab! You’re more than welcome – I hope you like the recipe. I’m glad I nailed it too so I no longer have that dream 😉

      • Andrew, these pancakes look fantastic! I am going to make them right now.

        Thank you for providing the information!! Please share any other vegan items that you have found to be good!

        Take Care, David

    • Just finished making them and they were delicious. My sixteen year old daughter thought they tasted better than “regular” pancakes. Only ingredient I didn’t have on hand was the coconut oil so I used vegetable oil instead. I also added some fresh blueberries while they were cooking.

      • I needed a recipe quickly today and I’d tried a few vegan recipes lately that didn’t work out. I found yours and made it immediately and wow it was delicious. I only had spelt flour so I used that and found the batter was too runny so I added about 1/8 cup oats I had made oat flour with. Another change was I used organic coconut sugar and only 1/4 tsp. baking powder, that was an accident as I copied the amount down incorrectly. It wasn’t as fluffy as it would have been if I’d added more baking powder but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t heavy and it was the most delicious pancake I’ve ever had. My grandkids loved it and ate a few each and they are only 2 and 4 yrs. old. Thanks for the recipe and the tips too!

    • Hi Jenn, I have always wondered that myself. The chia seeds would probably need to be ground, but I imagine the final outcome would be similar. That’s on my list of things to try soon! 🙂

      • I haven’t tried the chia method myself but chia seeds need to be soaked in a liquid in order to become gelatinous. I don’t believe that would need to be ground. I will try this one day. Thank you for this recipe. I will bookmark it for my next pancake morning. 😉

        • I used chia seeds for my “egg” and it worked wonderfully! These are the fluffiest, lightest pancakes I’ve ever tasted, thanks for the recipe!

      • U can totally can use chia just exactly as u do flax, same proportions. Done it 4 YEARS. Chia does NOT have 2 b ground in order 2 digest although in this type of recipe, ie used as a binder. it wouldn’t hurt.

    • I used chia seeds for my “egg” and it worked wonderfully! Just lightly whisk the wet ingredientd to break up any clumping. These are the fluffiest, lightest pancakes I’ve ever tasted, thanks for the recipe!

      • Great recipe! I didn’t have flax seeds at hand, but used ground chia seeds which worked great binding it all together. Thanks for saving my Sunday mornings!

  2. I am skeptic, but hopeful. I, too, have failed miserably with pancakes. I will try these over the weekend and report back. They sound incredible…

  3. Ur page looks wonderful. I am dairy free as well. Is there a slight deviation to your pancake recipe that I can use?? Thank you for time

    • Danie, I know this is a late response, but the recipe is already dairy free. YAY! The recipe calls for non-dairy milk, which means you can use almond, soy, or whatever non-dairy milk you love.

  4. I completely agree with you! Since going vegan, I can’t tell you how many pancake recipes have failed. I finally, too, came up with the BEST pancakes I have ever eaten, vegan or not. I love really flavorful pancakes, so I made them gingernsap flavored. The real test for me is making fluffy vegan and gluten-free pancakes….I’ve made many trials and have it almost 100% perfected, lol! These look delicious and simple! Glad to find your blog too 🙂

    • Awesome! I haven’t done much GF cooking myself, especially baking (I’m not that brave, haha) but someone actually made these pancakes with Bob’s Gluten Free flour and said they worked well, so that’s good to hear!

  5. Made these for my boys this morning. Next time I’ll have to double the recipe because of course they wanted more. I used 1/2 cup of almond flour and dark chocolate chips. So Yummy! Thanks

    • OOh, I love the idea of adding almond flour and chocolate chips! That sounds like a perfect combo (and I’m a sucker for anything chocolate…) 🙂 So glad it worked well for you!

  6. Do you think lemon juice could work instead of the vinegar? I just hate the smell of it and don’t keep it in the house……. willing to buy some to give these a try, they look amazing!

    • Most certainly! Any acid like lemon juice should work just fine to kind of “curdle” the soy milk and create something like buttermilk.

  7. I just tried making these right now and they didn’t look anything like your picture 🙁 I followed it exactly, could you help me figure out where I messed up? I want to try them again because they look so good.

    The melted coconut oil ended solidifying once it was mixed with all the wet ingredients. The batter came out thin making a thin pancake instead of a fluffy one and once the pancake was completely cooked there were still alot of visible bubbles. Any help please? Thanks 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 This recipe yielded a perfect batter for me, but if it was too runny, adding a little more flour next time could help get the right consistency. A few questions…

      1) did you use white or whole wheat flour? I used white flour for these and it does work better… 2) If they were too thin, that’s largely controlled by the baking soda and baking powder levels. This causes them to rise a bit when cooking.

      Also, if the coconut oil was seriously solid, like it wouldn’t even incorporate with the other ingredients, try warming the milk a little as well. Vegan pancakes ARE hard and I’ve messed them up many times. Good luck on attempt #2 🙂

      • Or cool the coconut oil so it’s solid and cut it into the dry batter as you would butter in baked goods(using a standing mixer is the easiest way–don’t worry, using it here won’t overwork the batter). Works great. Plus leaving it cool allows the fat to just melt where it should. Yum!

    • Yes! Thanks, Starr! I’m so glad they worked well for you. I actually made these for breakfast today as well, although this time I may or may not have added chocolate chips :p

  8. I didn’t have any flax so I used chia and it clumped together. I tried it this morning without either and they were perfect. They were delicious!!!!

    • That’s good to know about the chia seeds! I’ve never tried making a “chia egg” before, but I could definitely imagine it becoming too sticky/clumpy… I’m glad they worked without anything, though! That’s great!

    • Sorry to hear that, Crystal 🙁 Sometimes the batter can be too thick or thin even when you use seemingly identical measurements. The way around this is to add just a little more liquid if it’s too thick or a little more flour if it’s too thin – always being sure not to over mix the batter. Also, if you notice the ones in the picture, they are thicker than normal pancakes. But if they were completely unworkable, again, just gently fold in some extra non-dairy milk and remember that measurement for the next time.

  9. so u dont use any mixer to mix the batter ? only mix with spatula ? i’ve tried before but it didn’t worked out well, too thin. i found this receipe n i’ll try this weekend.

    • No, definitely not a mixer. As I mentioned in the post, the more you “stress” the gluten in the flour, the more rubbery the pancakes become. A fork, spatula, or whisk works fine to gently incorporate the wet ingredients into the dry. I hove this recipe works for you. Report back and let us know 🙂 Cheers!

  10. Literally the best vegan pancakes I’ve tasted! I just made this now at the cottage and at first I was like OMG they are so thick but it was so fluffy and perfect!

    • Yes! I’m so glad you liked them 🙂 I know… I’ve tried this recipe with a few different flours and they can be very thick sometimes. If they’re too thick, you might be able to get away with adding just a little extra non-dairy milk to thin them out.

  11. I just made these this morning. They are seriously good. They turned out so think and fluffy and the melt in your mouth.

    Thank you!

  12. I think these have to be made with soy milk for the ideal results. I used almond and it didnt curdle the milk and then my batter was way too thin. I added more flour to the mix and they were fine, but not a good as I’m sure they can be.

    • Hmm, that’s an interesting observation. I can’t remember which types of non-dairy milk I’ve used in the past, but when I have a few minutes I’ll do some test batches with almond and soy milks and update the recipe if necessary. Thanks for pointing this out!

    • I have made these with soy milk, cashew milk and almond milk and they always come out perfect. I have taken to adding blueberries because I love them. I have made them for my extended family, some of whom are non-vegan, and everyone loved them. They have become our Sunday morning tradition

  13. Thank you SO much for sharing! My family and I love them! I have a toddler who is allergic to what seems like everything and he really enjoys these! I have been making them every Saturday for the last few months and kept meaning to comment but never did 🙂 I use Vanilla Almond milk and it works great. Sometimes I add blueberries or dairy free chocolate chips too. They are amazing!

  14. Yay! Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know how much you like them! I agree – they are fantastic with blueberries and/or chocolate chips 🙂

  15. Hi my boyfriend has celiac…do you think I could yield the same results with gluten-free flour blend?? These look great!

    • Hi Nicole, that’s a good question but I have little experience with gluten free flours. I’m guessing the results would be similar, but there’s only one way to find out! 🙂

  16. I have tried several vegan pancake recipes, and have gotten close, but your recipe hit the jackpot! DEE-LISH!!! Pretty incredible when my 10 and 15 year old boys DEVOUR them and come back for more..”mom, these are the BEST-PANCAKES-EVER!

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Cheers!

    • Yay! I’m so happy your boys loved them, Melissa 🙂 and thanks so much for stopping by to let me know – I appreciate that!

  17. Thank you so much for this recipe and the dream lol. I too have issues making perfect pancakes. Mine either turn out too gummy, flat, or occasionally perfect. Even when I make traditional pancakes. And the issue is I can never remember what I did to get the perfect ones I just keep aimlessly making pancakes hoping I get the perfect ones this time. The other day I tried to make pancakes for my bf and failed miserably. Only one pancake was edible. After reading this I realize…I am an overmixer. My bf is an omnivore and is always skeptical to try anything ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian.’ So when he comes home from his business trip I will make these for him in the morning and hopefully I can prove to him that Vegan, healthy, delicious, and pancake can all be used in the same sentence.

    • Hey Victoria! Yes, over mixing is the devil. 🙂 I hope this recipe is as perfect for you as it has been for me… let me know how they turn out!

  18. Just finished the pancakes. Been looking forward to making them all week. I have never made a set of pancakes in my life that were worth eating. Granted, I do not cook much. Still, I have tried brand after brand and no go. These pancakes are awesome. I ate the first one right out of the pan with no syrup and could not wait to make 2 more. they look just like the picture (thick or fluffy). The batter was a little thick so I folded in 1 tsp of the almond milk. My cakes were a tiny bit gummy and I am sure it is something that I did. Like I said, I never cooked much until trying to go vegan. Any suggestions on what may have gone wrong?
    Also, I have lots of batter left. Can I regfrigerate or freeze it and if so for how long?
    Thank you for all you do here!!!

    • Hey, that’s great! I’m really glad you liked them. Hmm, in my experience gumminess is caused by two things: 1) the pan wasn’t quite hot enough (the batter didn’t sizzle when it hits the pan), or 2) it was over mixed — and if you had to add extra almond milk that would add more mixing and may be the culprit!

      Don’t worry, mine are gummy sometimes too. It just takes lots of practice and a little luck! 🙂

  19. Am I crazy for wanting to fire up the griddle and make pancakes at 2am?

    Seriously, these look amazing. I can’t wait to make them!

  20. Yum! But…I cannot do Wheat, Gluten, soy, nuts, corn, flax or chia. :/ So would regular egg replacer work? Also I have to use a gf flour blend. Would it work using gf ingredients, as well?

    • Hey Michelle, I think regular egg replacer would work. And I haven’t made these gluten free but I think others have and I expect it’ll work quite well. Give it a shot! 🙂

      • I used Ener G egg replacer in place of flax seed and it worked perfectly. (The only pancakes I’ve made that were soooo perfect!

  21. These are, in fact, the perfect vegan pancakes! I subbed the oil with applesauce for a less fatty version. They were the most fluffy vegan pancake I have ever made. The only complaint my family had was that I didn’t make enough. Thank you so much for sharing with the world! 🙂

    • Cool! Sorry for the late reply, I missed your comment somehow… I’m actually really intrigued about the apple sauce idea! I’ve used it in baking but didn’t think to use it here. Any way to cut out oil is awesome, so I’ll try that next time!

      • Can I use any kind of oil? I do not have coconut oil but have olive oil or regular vegetable oil. Would the recipe be the same with either of those?

        • Hi Gail, that should be okay. I would recommend using vegetable oil though, as olive has a more distinct flavor that might not go as well with the pancakes.

          • Just made them they taste good but they are doughy still in the middle. I tried cooking some longer, some shorter, just could not get them cooked in the middle. I make pancakes frequently because they are quick and easy and left overs are easy for the kids. They normally cook all the way through however i could not get these to cook correctly… I will still eat them and my kids still ate them so not too big of a deal. I guess I can try again next time.

            • Could be your grill was not hot enough. I followed the recipe two mornings in a row and the cakes were the best I have ever tasted.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe Andrew! Very much appreciated. May I ask – would you know the nutritional value please? Especially how much protein (approx) is in each pancake. Warmest regards, CAtherine

  23. Tried these this morning and they were great! Was out of almond milk so tried with water and it turned out well either way, but next time I will definitely have milk at home to use!
    Thank you for a great recipe!

  24. I made these using plain flour, and one cup almond milk, and Orgran egg replacer and added blueberries and a splash of imitation vanilla extract. First few were too rubbery ! I don’t think it was from overmixing-I was gentle. The pan may be not hot enough. Then I increased the heat and made more.

    I stored the rest in the fridge hopefully they all don’t taste like that.

    Come to think of it, never was a fan of pancakes anyway-they usually have not much taste and are commonly drowned in some of sugar.

    Much prefer muffins or breads or anything really.

  25. Made these for a treat one morning and both I, and my Atkins-obsessed-carnivorous mom LOVED them (although they were cheating for her)… I just made them again this morning. My Soymilk had curdled =[ so I had to use water, but just as good!

    • That’s great, Patty! Do you mean your soy milk curdled after adding the apple cider vinegar? It is actually supposed to curdle slightly to create something like buttermilk.

  26. I am vegan but my kids are not (I”m working on it!!). So, I’m always trying to find recipes that can work for all of us. These are THE BEST pancakes I have found! My son likes them plain & my daughter likes them with fresh blueberries – OMG!!! I cooked them with a little coconut oil in the pan so the outsides were crispy & the center was soft & fluffy. Finish off with pure maple syrup & you have arrived in heaven. I made a double batch hoping to freeze the extras… didn’t happen! Thank you!!!

  27. I have just discovered pancakes and love them, love them LOVE them! However, the recipe I have uses eggs. I am not vegan but having a whole lot of eggs (because I’m gonna be so making a whole lot of pancakes) can turn out to be a bit unhealthy. So, I was happy when I found your recipe.
    Couple questions, though: do you reckon the pancakes will fall apart if I use only oat flour? And have you ever tried it with honey or molasses, instead of the sugar? Can I opt to leave out the sugar or does the sugar perform some other purpose other than sweetening? And what about rice milk? Can I use that? Thanks

    • Hey Joy! Thanks so much for the comments. To answer you’re questions – I’ve never made these with oat flour so I can’t say for sure, but I would imagine they could have problems with oat flour. I don’t fully understand the chemistry, but I’ve found that the little bit of sugar actually does help with the overall fluffiness & texture. Sure, any kind of non-dairy milk should work! 🙂

      • Hi

        I actually made them last night with the oat flour. they were ok. The oat does not give same texture as when u use other flours but I’m going to so make them again tomorrow with my favourite flour: spelt. (I bought some today). Thanks!

  28. These truly are the Perfect Vegan Pancake. My daughter was home from college last weekend and we decided to try it. We all LOVED them — even her none veg friend! So happy to have discovered this site (thanks to my daughter!)

  29. what can you substitute for the flax seed? I don’t have anything that I know could work and I couldn’t find any useful suggestions elsewhere. (no chia or flax)

    • Hi Ally, the only other option besides flax or chia would be commercial egg replacer, like the Ener-G brand, which is widely available.

    • I actually did them with no substitute; family was too hungry to wait for me to grind the flax seeds, and I didn’t think of using chia seeds instead. They turned out light and fluffy and the whole family loved them (my 3-year old ate at least five). We recently moved and my recipes are in a box somewhere in storage, so my normal go-to for vegan pancakes was not an option for Easter brunch. So glad I tried these!! I tripled the recipe, and between four of us we only have three pancakes left. I did 2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour and added about 3 T cinnamon, but forgot the vanilla I usually use. Also used mostly flax seed milk with a little almond milk. Tasty, quick, and easy! This is my new go-to recipe for vegan pancakes. Thank you!!

      • That’s great, Beth! First of all, I’m so happy your family liked the recipe – sounds like it went over really well! Also, it’s great to hear that they still work without the flaxseed.

  30. I have not enjoyed pancakes in two years. Until this morning I had no idea how to make them vegan.

    Then I found this recipe and made the perfect batch. Even with whole wheat flour and no flax egg they worked out super well.

    Thank you!

  31. Do you have a way of measuring how much oil you should put into your pan before putting a pancake in? I just made a batch of these and some of the pancakes were deep fried.

    • Ah! That could be a problem 🙂 You don’t necessarily need anything to measure. Really, you might be able to get by without *any* oil if using a non-stick pan. At most, just enough that could be spread with a paper towel across the surface of your pan, like 1 teaspoon.

  32. I am not vegan, but we are trying to eat healthier. These were great! My two year old gobbled them up, and she’s definitely used to regular pancakes. I did use sucanat in place of the sugar in order to make these “clean”. Batter was a little thick, but they cooked up on the griddle just fine. Wonderful recipe, will definitely make these again!

    • That’s great to hear, Amanda! The batter can be thicker or thinner depending on the type of flour and just random variations in each batch, next time feel free to add an extra tablespoon of liquid and that’ll thin them out a bit. Either way, I’m glad they turned out well! 🙂

  33. OMG i made these last night for dinner holy goodness.. AMAZING!! my boyfriend is a huge meat eater no restrictions… loved them.

  34. I give up on trying to make eggless pancakes with coconut flour. I cannot get them to turn out no matter how many recipes I try. the coconut absorbs the liquid so bad it turns out like putty and they never get done in the middle. I ended up frying the suckers and they STILL did not get done in the middle. I have wasted more money on coconut flour it’s not even funny anymore.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Medina, but this recipe certainly didn’t call for coconut flour! 🙂 I haven’t experimented enough with that ingredient to give suggestions on how it might be best used for baking.

      • Oh, yeah, I knew that Andrew and didn’t mean to cast a bad shadow on your specific recipe. No, I think this recipe would have worked wonderful if using regular flour. I just try to substitute gluten free ingredients and came across your recipe and thought I would try it with the coconut flour. Thanks for responding and I apologize for the confusion.

        • Oh no worries! 🙂 And if you’re looking to make these ones gluten free, I haven’t tried myself, but have heard good things from others using brown rice flour.

  35. Neither my husband or I are actually vegan, but I have a good friend who is so I incorporate a lot of vegan days or meals into my life to become more balanced and healthy. (Who knows, maybe I’ll convert one day…) With that said, I have been on the lookout for a great pancake recipe and I have watched my husband over and over with that look of disappointment on his face, push his plate away. Many of those were gluten free and that’s a whole different beast, but this morning when I whipped these up, they looked JUST like your picture and were so promising! I watched him with a hopeful knot in my stomach and as he took his first bite, he kept eating! Then had another, and wanted a third! I literally wanted to jump for joy. And it was truly the most amazing pancake ever. From us not yet vegans, we will make these again over non-vegan pancakes every time. Thank you thank you!! Truly well done!

    • Haha, what a great story, Lindsey! Thanks so much for sharing that. I’m so glad you guys liked them! 🙂

  36. Maybe this is the only negative review but I followed this recipe perfectly and they came not good at all. Not light or fluffy. They were very thick and the inside was raw dough while the outside wasn’t burnt but definitely cooked and tough. Idk what I did wrong.

    • 🙁 I’m sorry to hear that… if the inside was raw and/or gummy it almost always has something to do with either the batter being over mixed or the heat not being high enough. If the outside didn’t get dark brown within 2 minutes, the heat probably wasn’t hot enough and if the batter didn’t have small clumps when spooned it into the pan, it was probably over mixed. This recipe is definitely solid, but hey, even I’ve messed it up a few times. If at first you don’t succeed… 🙂

      • Have to agree with nicole unfortunately. I followed the recipe exactly and was careful not to overmix. The cool almond milk made the coconut oil seize up and harden so I had to heat the whole wet ingredient mixture so I wouldn’t have hard chunks of coconut oil. Maybe that’s what did it. The pancakes were not fluffy at all. They were also lacking in sweetness which surprised me because I don’t like overly sweet things. But these tasted like regular bread you’d use for a sandwich, not like pancakes. I’ve made better pancakes before, but never fluffy, diner-style ones. I guess I’ll keep trying.

  37. I just wanted you to know that these were not only the best vegan pancakes I have ever had, but also the best in general. Thank you for sharing this recipe!! You’re making my new lifestyle so much easier 😉

  38. These look great and I’m anxious to try them. Do you know if I can mix together the dry ingredients and store them in the fridge. I would like to be able to fix a pancake or two at a time without having to mix all the ingredients together each time. Thanks for all your work.

    • Ooh, that’s an interesting idea, Vicki! I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work if you kept the wet/dry separate. Although, they should probably be in sealed containers to prevent the moisture from getting all weird, but otherwise give it a shot!

  39. I made these and they were the best vegan pancakes EVER! (I’ve tried many)
    I used bobs red mill whole wheat pastry flour and used a chia egg. I blended the wet ingredients together to make sure the chia egg didn’t clump up. So yummy. Thank you.

  40. First time i suceeded in making a vegan pancake that didn’t taste like rubber! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

  41. Hello. I cant wait to try these! One thing, can I substitute the coconut oil for flaxseed oil or even vegetable oil?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Mimi, yes, vegetable oil would be fine (I’ve done that) but I would stay away from heating flaxseed oil to these temperatures, it doesn’t do well at high heat 🙂

      • So I finally made these pancakes! They turned out delicious! I found the coconut oil in my local grocery store and didn’t have to drive down to whole foods…. Well idk about the consistency of the batter but when I cooked them they turned out fine…. To be honest I’m new to vegan recipes so I was a little afraid to try them, but when I did I fell in love with them! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us, you are definitely helping me with my route to becoming a vegetarian!

        Thank you,


    I did change the recipe slightly: I omitted the sugar and added frozen blueberries. SO DELICIOUS. I made all the batter, and because it’s so good I limited myself to one serving so I can enjoy these pancakes again tomorrow. I love making pancakes on a Sunday morning!

    One secret (because I love decadence, but am trying to be good about eating sugar), I use this recipe for a topping that I made up:

    Melt together:
    1 T coconut oil
    1 T almond butter
    1 t raw honey

    So I top my blueberry pancakes with that, then smear greek yogurt over it, and finally add a sprinkle of ground flax. LOL. Maybe I am trying to add too many “healthy” fatty things, but they are all so good!


  43. Hey! I’m gonna make these pancakes tonight, I hope they turn out good! Every time I make vegan pancakes they turn out okay, but not nearly as good as pancakes with egg. But these look divine! I will alter it by adding Golden Flax instead of normal flax, and I’ll also use Bob’s Gluten Free Flour Blend, with a bit of Xanthan gum. I’ll be back with results, just to help out 🙂

    • Hi Kyla, very cool! Going with gluten free flour in egg-less pancakes is dangerous territory 🙂 also it’s important to use ground flaxseed to create the right egg replacement. I’m interested to hear how your version turns out!

      • Hello!
        Sorry for the late comment, but I tried them out, and they were delicious! They were yellow, the kind of yellow you’d expect from food coloring. I actually didn’t add Xanthan gum, and I used a different brand of gf flour(King Arthur). I think they would’ve tasted better with vegan butter instead of coconut oil, because I don’t like coconut oil, but my family actually liked them better with the coconut oil. They also were not as thick, either, but that didn’t make a difference. Great recipe, I’m definitely going to use this one again!

  44. ..just had to comment on your wonderful recipe, despite all the praise it has already received! we’re german and love american pancakes – they are in fact a lot like “püfferchen” (or “poffertjes” in dutch). i used cake flour, home made flax meal and added a tiny bit of vanilla. we ate them with agave nectar as a late night dish – they were sooo good. we’ll watch some “streets of san francisco” later, just to top off the u.s. geekery! 😉 All the best, Lisa

    • Danke, Lisa! 🙂 I’m glad you guys like them! Now I need you to teach me how to make Käsespätzle or something :p

  45. Wow! I love them, love them, love them!

    Well done on your recipe. I am vegan and have tried so many varied recipes but this is by FAR my favourite

  46. I’ve been making pancakes using your recipe for awhile, and I just wanted you to know just how much I love them. I even served these pancakes for my daughter’s birthday sleepover party. The guests (kids and moms) were not vegan, but I had plenty of requests for second servings. Thanks for such a great recipe. Keep up the good work. (By the way, I was the only vegan at the party.)

    • Hi Dina! Thank you so much for letting me know, I’m really glad you (and everyone at the party) liked them!

      “I was the only vegan at the party” <- haha, I've never said those words before... :p

  47. Hello!

    I’m 17 and I’ve been vegan for about 3 months now. I’ve been missing my pancakes!! I made these for dinner today, hahaha, its always a good time to have pancakes! I used oat flour for these since i find that it usually does not make a difference. HOWEVER, when I made these I missed the step about the oil and only realized it after I finished making them. These pancakes came out pretty flat for me, but the batter was not thin or overly thick. Does the oil make them fluffy or do you think it was the oat flour? (I also didn’t add salt because I need to watch my salt intake).

    • Hi Becky,

      Well that’s a lot of changes from this recipe! 🙂 Definitely oat flour is not ideal for making pancakes, really anything other than wheat-based flours are uncharted territory. It can be done with buckwheat or brown rice flours, but the process becomes much more complicated. For best results, I would recommend using the ingredients listed in the recipes. Bonus points for trying something new, though!! 🙂

      • Ok thank you!! I will try a brown-rice flour next time and remember to add the oil! BTW, I added vanilla into my first batch and they were soo good!!

        Thanks again!!!

  48. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe! I just went vegan very recently, and was craving pancakes this morning-your recipe really hit the spot! Although mine were no where near as photo ready as the ones you show, they were absolutely delicious 🙂

  49. Wow! I came up on this recipe yesterday, freaking out because I’d never made pancakes before and was supposed to make a pancake brunch for a bunch of friends. This recipe was PERFECT. took me through all the steps, and I came out with fluffy, delicious, awesome pancakes. thank you!

  50. What a relief and happy day to get this information. My pancakes based on other internet recipes always turned out like leather! My first try with you recipe was perfect! I did not have flax seed so I replaced it with
    Ener G egg replacer which apparently worked perfectly. I am so happy!

    Now for a buckwheat pancake recipe. Your web site is my permanent cooking home now.

  51. The first morning I used your recipe I used 2 cups ww flour. The second morning I used one C of ww flour and one C of quick rolled oats. The outcome was perfect both times (with Ener g egg replacer). I see some of your readers asked questions about sugar. When I copied down the recipe I did not even include sugar and forgot it existed as an ingredient. I used soy oil. I will experiment with buckwheat and let you know how that comes out. (These are all cooked on a wood burning range. Smile)
    Every other recipe for vegan pan cakes from the internet have turned out like leather and once sort of raw tasting in the center in spite of long cooking. You are the prince of pan cakes man !!

    • The prince of pancakes?! haha, thanks so much, Stuart 🙂 It’s interesting to hear that your subs worked. I’ve never tried these with their rolled oats or Ener-G, even though I use both of those ingredients often. Thanks for sharing!

  52. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! My son is allergic to dairy, eggs, corn and peanuts, so we have tried a couple of different vegan pancake recipes and they were all terrible! But these pancakes are amazing!!! My husband and I don’t have any food allergies but love eating these along with my son because they are so yummy! We like to add a touch of vanilla and some cinnamon and they almost taste like cinnamon roll pancakes! They are light and fluffy just like promised! Thanks again!

    • You’re so welcome, Vanetta! I’m so happy they turned out well for you!!! 🙂

      (I love the “cinnamon roll” idea!)

  53. Before going dairy-free, I would cook fluffy, delicious pancakes all the time. But now I’ve tried so many dairy free pancake recipes and they all turn out grainy and gross. But THIS is the most beautiful recipe ever. I didn’t have flax so I used a few tablespoons of vanilla soy yogurt instead . . . so good. I mixed in some blueberries in the batter and and now I either eat them alone or topped with a melted cranberry sauce and it’s perfect. Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe !!

    • This made me smile, Sam! I’m so glad I could help reunite you with fluffy pancakes. 🙂

      P.S. I love the soy yogurt idea, btw! That sounds awesome!

  54. I’m new to the vegan scene, and especially vegan baking, but this morning I was craving pancakes and needed a recipe. These pancakes are honestly the best pancakes I have ever had, and I made them perfectly on the first try! I didn’t have any ground flax or chia seeds so I used the EnerG egg replacer instead with the same measurements as the flax egg mixture and I added about a tablespoon of Pb2 chocolate peanut butter and they were delicious!!! So glad I came across your site, I’m definitely going to check out your other recipes. Thank you! 🙂

    • The best pancakes you’ve ever had?! Yay! I’m so happy they turned out well for you – I have still not tried these with EnerG (though I use it often) but I’m glad that worked. Thanks, Nicole! 🙂

  55. Amazing recipe! I´m going to try it hopefully tomorrow! But I have to questions. The first one is, Can I replace the wheat flour for oatmeal flour? and, I don´t have any kind of milk or dairy milk right now, but can I substitute the milk with water? 🙁
    Again, thank you for posting the recipe, I really wanna try it with some almond milk!

    • Hi Karen, I would not recommend replacing the wheat flour with other varieties. I’ve heard from others that it doesn’t work too well and this recipe was designed with wheat flour in mind. Although, I do have a gluten-free pancake recipe in the works because I know this is a big area of interest 🙂

      I imagine the water would work all right as a replacement, but almond or soy would be better. Good luck! 🙂

  56. Ok so I made these this morning, mostly a success, kids loved them and asked for seconds so that’s a win in my book. We put almond butter, blueberries, strawberries and bananas on top. I did not have ground flax so I tried to use the food processor to grind the flax seeds , did not work so well. We actually really like banana pancakes so what proportions would I need if I did not use the flax egg and used banana instead. Also I would like to omit the sugar as well, do you think that would work ?

    • Hi Rabecca, so glad you liked them! I have no idea about the banana replacement, that’s a whole different recipe 🙂 but feel free to experiment. The sugar just 1 teaspoon, it doesn’t add sweetness, just helps the batter to set into the right consistency. You can experiment with omitting that as well, if necessary.

      • Ok I added banana and walnut, success! Still used the flax egg as well. I have to makes these at least twice a week because they disappear !

  57. You take the words out of my mouth with this post! Thank you! I’ve been terrible when it comes to cooking pancake myself. This really helps

  58. Just wanted to let you know this has become my favourite pancake recipe! I’ve been making these pancakes probably once a week for a few months, that’s how much I love them 😀 My current favourite way to have them is to mix cocoa powder and some vegan chocolate chips in the batter..yummy ! 😀

    • Thanks so much, Gabriella! I’m really glad you like them. Double chocolate pancakes?! 😮 you won’t get any complaints about that from me… 🙂

  59. These were so fluffy, something that I rarely find in vegan pancakes (even when using what I used whole wheat flour)! I will be spreading the truth about not over-stirring and starting with a hot (not warm) pan to anyone who will listen. Transformed my pancake game totally!

    I added in 1/2 t both of vanilla extract and cinnamon, and didn’t use any oil. I also folded in a little over a half of a cup of blueberries into the batter, which turned into delicious, fluffy blueberry stacks.

    Thank you very much, sir.

    • That first sentence is a little ambiguous sounding. I was trying to say that even with whole wheat flour (not even ww pastry flour) these turned out fluffy–and great!

    • Hey Esther! Yes, spread the word to anyone who will listen! One by one, we can rid the world of rubbery pancakes 🙂

      I actually made these this morning with blueberries, so good!

  60. After trying numerous vegan pancake variations, this is now our go to recipe. None of the other recipes I’ve tried ever improved on the pancakes we used to make with eggs and dairy, but these do! They even worked when we had to substitute the wheat flour with a gluten-free blend for a friend! I’m well impressed with these and will continue to make these (probably on a weekly basis) especially when I need to impress my non-vegan friends. 🙂

    • Hey Susanna! That’s so great to hear! I’m happy they worked with GF flour as well (something I haven’t yet tried) …Don’t you just love impressing non-vegans by showing them how good our “rabbit food” can be? 🙂

  61. I made these this morning and they were perfect!! My husband is not a vegan and said he never would have been able to tell, they are just delicious. With all of your tips, they actually came out better than my non-vegan ones ever have. Not a bite left on either of our plates; thanks for a great recipe! 🙂

  62. I made a double batch of your pancakes this morning and they are deffinetely husband and kid approved. I only changed the vinegar to balsamic, as I was out of the apple cider one and added vanilla. They are fantastic.

  63. I made these today and they were great! I’m always looking for different ingredients for vegan pancakes. I used chia seeds that I grinded in my dry vitamix container. I whisked the water and chia well before adding it to the other wet ingredients. I didn’t melt my coconut oil, just scooped it out of the jar and mixed in. I barely mixed my wet and dry ingredients, and the appearance of the chunky batter made me nervous =) The results were yummy, fluffy pancakes! Thanks!

  64. Oh my, these were unbelievably delicious!!! So quick and easy to make. They were light and fluffy and I could have easily eaten all that I made with the batter. Thanks for creating the recipe and posting it.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked them! And don’t worry, I’ve eaten them all on more than one occasion 😀

  65. Hi Andrew,
    In my family I am known as THE pancake maker! I always make them a non vegan version however this morning I was having a lazy rainy day Sunday and thought I could make a vegan version for myself. Without any research, I gave it a crack, but alas, they are not very good at all (however my vegan doggy will love them). So now after the fact, I have started to research and I have come across your recipe which looks fantastic. However the more I look at your site the more I think your site and I will be new best friends 🙂 Thank you for sharing such great recipes and your humour! Happy rainy day Sunday to you! 🙂

  66. Excellent pancakes Andrew! They’re the best I’ve ever had, delicious and healthy. Your site is awesome and the recipes are even better, keep up the good work.

  67. Thank you so much! These pancakes are incredible! I have so many food allergies that it makes eating anything almost impossible. Food just became unenjoyable. But these pancakes… Oh my! I swapped in gluten free flour (I am coeliac), and they were amazing! Fluffy and light and so tasty! I am going to flick through your entire site for inspiration! Thank you!!

    • Oh, that’s so cool, Laura! I’m always excited to hear when one of my flour-based recipes works gluten free (which is not a specialty of mine). Would you mind telling me which type of flour you used? People often ask me how to make these GF and I’d love to tell them exactly what substitutions to make.

  68. These pancakes were wonderful! My 8 year old daughter ate them up. I particularly enjoyed the nutty essence the ground flax imparted. However, my daughter could have lived without it. I will try replacing the flax egg with EnerG egg replacer and see if that does the trick for her.

    • That’s so cool, Ruth! I’m so happy you both liked them. I definitely think EnerG would work fine here, though I haven’t tried it.

  69. Oh Andrew, the way to my heart is a good pancake! It’s Sunday evening, so maybe I will get these on the menu for breakfast next weekend. I’m bookmarking and subscribing. I’m all about SAS~Simple, Affordable, & Sustainable. Trying also to connect w/ other fun vegan/plant-based bloggers. Come visit me as well. I like this template, and saw another vegan blogger use it. If you don’t mind sharing, let me know. I’ve been on blogger, but I’m guessing this is WP. (Pardon my blogger naiveté!) Thanks, Tracy

    • Thank you, Tracy! I hope you love the pancakes and I’m really happy to hear that you’re following the same philosophy (your site looks great!) And yes, this site is built on WordPress 🙂

    • Sorry about that! It happens to me sometimes as well (and I’m supposed to be the pro here!) 🙂 It was likely due to overmixing or not having the pan hot enough – you should here a distinct sizzle when the batter hits the pan.

  70. I made these this morning. They were actually quite good. I had to lower the flame for my pancakes so that I could cook them thoroughly. (At the higher heat, which was a high medium, they were a bit sticky in the middle … lowering the heat to just below medium did the trick.) I did stick with the 2 minutes on one side, 90 seconds on the other. I used almond milk and added about 2 teaspoons of vanilla. These are heartier than SAD pancakes, have half the fat and just a fraction of the sugar. They passed the “pancake test” with my non-vegan son. He knew they were vegan before I cooked them. I liked them MUCH better than other vegan pancakes I’ve tried that triple the baking powder. I used all purpose flour this time, but will get wheat flour for the next batch. Overall, I think this is a great recipe. Best vegan pancake I’ve made so far, and I’ve been searching for a great recipe for a few years.

  71. Absolutely wonderful! I used ground Chia instead of flax and I wanted a little less fat so I only used a teaspoon. These are by far the best pancakes I have ever had or made! Thanks so much for you diligent work!

  72. I’m sorry to report these were just ok, and didn’t taste like proper pancakes. The search for a good vegan ancake recipe continues…

    • Sorry to hear that, Sarah 🙁 A lot of people have had great results with this recipe, but pancakes can be really finicky – I’ve had trouble myself on many occasions. I hope you have better pancake luck in the future!

  73. These are fail proof. Perfectly made with organic ingredients and flax egg was perfect. I added a touch of vanilla extract and sprinkled cinnamon on them. Poured light amber maple syrup. Devine. And vegan! New favorite pancake recipe. Thanks!

  74. Good morning Andrew. Do you know the nutritional content or breakdown of this recipe per 4″ pancake (or stack)? Thanks for your input, can’t wait to start cooking!

  75. Thank you, thank you for this perfect pancake recipe, Andrew!! I used half whole wheat and half all purpose flour. My husband, my four year old twins and I all LOVED them! Definitely my go-to recipe from here on out! Thanks again! 🙂

    • Elliott, you’re so welcome. I’m thrilled to hear that it turned out well for you. I’ve actually never used half whole wheat and all-purpose for these, I’ll have to try that next time!

  76. Is there something else i can replace the apple vinegar?

    Plus, Im so thankfull for the tips, i now know that the over mixing i did lead to making my pancakes flat and though. Great!!

    • Hi Sophia! You could likely just omit the apple cider vinegar without too many problems, it’s most just to create a “buttermilk” like liquid, which is nice, but not necessary.

  77. Hi, thanks for your recipe! I’ve been trying to make my own vegan pancake recipe, but I fail every time. I would be sooooo happy with some advice! If ok, I bother you with a looong report of my endeavors. Here we go:

    I’ve been trying to make chia pancakes (vegan and gluten free). But while the pancakes are burning, the top is still wet. I bake in a generous amount of coconut oil.

    These are the variations I tried:

    2 TB chia-gel + 1 TB rolled oats + 1 ts agave + salt.
    Hmm.Didn’t do the job.

    Let’s try to mix 1/8 ts baking soda and 1/4 ts lemon juice into the same batter.

    Maybe the agave causes the pancake to burn? So I left that out.
    Sadly, still no pancake.

    Maybe the batter is too dry? So I mixed the oats to make oatmeal:
    2 TB chia gel + 2 TB oat meal + 1/2 apple mixed with 2 TS water + salt
    EEEEW! YAK! No need to try this.

    When I cheated and mixed 1 small egg in the batter, I got a perfect pancake (baked on medium-low heat, by the way)

    But still hungry for vegan pancakes! I thought chia seeds where an ideal egg replacer… Any idea how to fix this?

    Warmly, Birgit

  78. I made these today for my little family and they were an absolute hit. Gloriously fluffy and delicious.
    I’ll never eat another banana pancake again!

  79. Hi Andrew, I’ve been coming back to this recipe many times and it’s been a super-hit with my little egg-allergic friendly 🙂
    Love, love this recipe! I would like to try a pumpkin variation to this. Is that something you’ve tried before: if yes, how much pumpkin purée and spices would one need? Many thanks!

    • Awesome, I’m glad it works well for you. I have made pumpkin waffles, but that was a different recipe, and this one is much better. My suggestion would be to add the pumpkin puree with the liquid ingredients (replacing some of the milk). Also maybe some pumpkin pie spice into the dry ingredients … Hmm, I might just have to test & post that recipe, haha 😀

  80. I tried these a couple of months ago with wheat flour and they came out ok. Today I tried again with all-purpose flour, lemon juice and lemon zest and I was blown away! My pancakes were so delicious. This is going to be my go-to recipe!

    • Very cool, Gabrielle! 🙂 They can definitely act differently when using whole wheat vs. white flours. I’m so happy these ones turned out well for you!

      • Yes! I think it might also be helpful to add a note to wait a while for the flax egg to thicken (10-15 minutes maybe?), or just to say that the longer you wait the better it becomes. When I first made these, although I set up the flax + water first and then prepared my other ingredients, the mixture was fine, but not as gelatinous as the second time. This time, knowing more time would help, I set up the egg and left the house for at least an hour before I came back and was ready to make the pancakes. When I returned the mixture really resembled the texture of a regular egg, and I’m sure that also contributed to my overall success.

        • That is important, Gabrielle. I said to set aside to thicken, but I didn’t specify for how long – the longer the better 🙂

  81. Hi Andrew,
    Back to report my pumpkin pancake experiment. I replaced 1/3 cup of milk with homemade pumpkin purée (from a sugar pie pumpkin). To the dry ingredients, I added
    1/2 tsp allspice
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/4 tsp ground ginger
    1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
    Yum! My husband and kids wanted pumpkin pancakes 2 days in a row. Thanks again!

    • Oh, sorry for the late reply here, I just saw your comment now. If that’s all you have, I would probably omit the vinegar altogether. Rice vinegar has a bit more of a distinct flavor that might not jive well with these pancakes, but either way it won’t be a big deal.

  82. Just made and devoured these amazing pancakes. I will admit that when I poured (read plopped) the batter onto the griddle I was quite certain these would not be any good at all. Happily I was so wrong, these pancakes are incredible!

  83. I tried the pancakes and they were good. I was a little skeptical but pleased that I gave it a try. They weren’t thick and heavy. I finished the meal feeling satisfied. Great recipe.

  84. Hi
    Best pancake ever.Thanks for the recipe.I’ve made these many times now.Sometimes I use part oat flour too.I have also used various fruits and sometimes I serve it plain with spiced apple topping.The house smells so good when apples are cooked with clove,cinnamon,nutmeg and ginger and brown sugar!!!!

    • Oh I’m so glad you like them!! Woah, that apple combo of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar sounds amazing! I’m trying it this weekend 🙂

  85. Hi there- I wanted to add a bit more nutrients to this so I added half einkorn all purpose flour and half spelt… They didn’t turn out like your photos but the flavor was good. I’ll keep experimenting with other flours. Thanks!

  86. Andrew, these pancakes were awesome!(or so I was told by my daughter and boyfriend-I didn’t get any!). The only problem was that I had to make up another batch because one wasn’t enough! Can’t wait to try many more of your recipes, I have very willing taste testers! Thank you and glad I helped make your day because you made mine! 😉

    Cheers! Janet

  87. Hi,
    Any tips for getting the inside of the pancakes to cook more? My outsides are gorgeous, but the inside is still a bit undercooked.


    • The problem is likely one of the two big points mentioned above: either the temperatures weren’t high enough (not likely since the outsides cooked well) or the batter was over-mixed, which will result in gummy centers that seem undercooked. Perhaps try mixing even less next time? That might just do the trick.

  88. These pancakes are the bomb! I think this recipe is used at a very popular vegetarian/vegan restaurant here in town. I do two things differently that just enhance the overall flavor of the pancake but does not over take it. I use a teaspoon of vanilla and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. Yum. Delicious either way. Thanks for the recipe. It makes life easier.

  89. Thanks so much for this recipe! I’ve been using it for a few months now and after many tries and tweaks, I’ve found what works best for me.

    First of all, I don’t use flax and the pancakes stay together perfectly. Maybe it has to do with a thickening agent found in the soy milk I use (alpro)? Also, I add a tablespoon of sugar instead of a teaspoon and a tablespoon of vinegar. Finally, I barely stir them. I add the liquid to the dry and and give it maybe three turns with a large spoon, then let it sit for 10 minutes for it all to soak in. The pancakes are super thick and light.

    • Very cool! It’s interesting to hear that they work okay without the flax, and you definitely have the technique down – as little stirring as possible 😉 Thanks for the feedback, Ronit!

  90. Hi Andrew – these vegan pancakes look great! I often like to add a few spoons of fine grated vegetables – ie carrot or sweet potato – to add nutrients for my sons in regular pancakes – do you think this would work here, or make it too heavy/wet?

    • Hi Tess, I couldn’t say for sure, as I’ve only tested the recipe here, but I think it could work. My best advice is to experiment and see how well it the extra veggies work in these pancakes. Good luck! 🙂

  91. These ARE perfect!

    They stayed together, moist and not too “cakey”. Lovely and light with a nice flavor.

    A google search led me to this recipe and your site and I don’t think I can leave!

    Thank you 🙂

  92. I just made these!! These are amazing!!! Literally the PERFECT pancake! I like these even better than non-vegan pancakes. FYI- this recipe makes enough for 2 people (with no left overs). I would recommend doubling (or tripling) this recipe for more people or large men. 😉 Thanks for this!! Also, they are a tiny bit bland on their own, so I want to experiment and try to add some vanilla or cinnamon.

    • Very cool, Mary! I’m so glad you liked these! I can tell you that vanilla and cinnamon (and chocolate chips or blueberries) are all great additions 😉

  93. BLOWN AWAY! I’ve had the same problems with vegan pancakes but these may be the best I’ve ever had in a long time.

    For anyone who is interested, I had no milk at home, so I subbed half a cup of canned whole fat coconut milk and whisked it with 1/2 cup of warm water for a DIY non-dairy milk. Results turned out great and it had a light and rich coconut undertone that complimented with the earthiness of the flax seed well. Thanks for the great recipe 🙂

    • High Five, Wahtihdah! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that this recipe solved your pancake woes as well. Ooh, I love the idea of adding coconut milk, thanks for sharing. I’m going to try that next time!

  94. I made these this morning and they turned out AMAZING! Thank you so much for for his amazing recipe! I will definitely be making this often! 🙂

  95. I had no flax seed so I used mashed cannellini beans. I had no cider or white vinegar so I used orange juice instead. I had no coconut oil so I used organic canola oil.


    One of the BEST pancakes I’ve ever eaten. Put organic margarin spread on right after I flipped them. Then I put the real maple syrup on each pancake while I removed from the pan.

    This is a recipe I will use forever. I am going to freeze a container of cooked cannellini beans now so I have a tablespoon of them every time I make pancakes.

    • Haha, I love how you substituted like *everything* and it still turned out well (the cannellini bean idea is brilliant). Congrats! I’m so happy this recipe is a keeper for you 😀

  96. Awww sad to report these were a complete FLOP for us. I followed the recipe exactly (I pre-measured everything and double checked), I just added in chocolate chips that were tossed in flour to avoid them clumping together. It was so runny and the advice of watching how much you mix them ended with pockets of dry flour in my pancakes. My son is a huge pancake eater and refused to eat them after one bite. It’s definitely not offense to the blogger here, just not something that worked for us in the slightest.

    After the first pancake was such a huge flop I added in a Tbsp of coconut sugar (to compliment the chocolate chips), 1/4c flour, and 1/4tsp salt. You could even add in more than 1/4c, just mix until it is a batter consistency. Then I mixed until it was smooth like pancake batter is for non-vegan pancakes and boom — perfect. Tasty and awesome, ended up eating all the rest by myself because the little was then refusing to eat pancakes.

    Next time I’ll be trying to substitute the flax egg with aquafaba and add in some vanilla extract 🙂

  97. Hi! I have recently been turned onto your recipes by a coworker who talks about you all the time, haha.
    I am a H U G E matcha fan, and I love to see how often you use it!
    However, lately I have been making a lot of 3-ingredient protein pancakes, so I wanted to try to make some vegan ones!
    I saw your green tea shamrock pancakes, but thought this would be a good starter.

    The only thing I subbed was the whole wheat flour with coconut flour (I have been on a coconut kick) but everything else was exact and when I mixed everything together, it was just dry clumps :/
    I was so confused, and I didn’t want to over-mix but there was no way I could just throw these powdery lumps onto a pan!
    SO, being a 20-year-old with essentially no cooking experience I just tried to add a proportional amount of each wet ingredient and it was just a disaster. I told my coworker about what happened and she reassured me that I shouldn’t be discouraged because vegan pancakes are one of the most difficult things to make.

    I really want to try the green tea pancakes but I am very nervous to, any advice?

    p.s. I am not vegan, but I try to make a lot of vegan dishes for my partner and I

    • Sorry it didn’t work, but I wouldn’t expect anything but dry clumps with coconut flour; coconut flour is just ground coconut. It’s not going to have any similarities with wheat flour. Everything discussed in this article and recipe is about carefully developing the gluten. Coconut flour doesn’t have gluten. It’s like trying to sub concrete blocks in place of tires 🙂

  98. I was just talking to Jason about how I can’t make pancakes. He gave me the craziest look and told me they’re so easy to make haha I was relieved to find out that I wasn’t completely crazy for my pancake struggle. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try. You always have the best recipes. 🙂

    • Haha, yes! People think pancakes are so easy until they try making them themselves 🙂 I hope this recipe helps!

  99. I make this once a month for my wife as a special breakfast — and it does not disappoint!

    Last year I made this for thanksgiving breakfast for my non-vegan family (since everyone has different dinner and lunch plans — I twisted everyone’s arm to join me for a whole foods plant based breakfast).

    Really there isn’t a more perfect pancakes recipe for vegans in the world 🙂

    I’m excited to share this with my son when he’s old enough (as of this comment, he’s 5 months old). Man! What a recipe!
    You rock!

  100. Andrew, awesome recipe. These are the best non-dairy pancakes I have had. I’m not vegan so I used a regular organic egg instead. Came out fluffy, spongey, and delicious. No need to look for another recipe anymore. Thanks a lot!

  101. Dude. These pancakes. Seriously. I would not have believed they were vegan if I hadn’t made them myself. I’m pretty new to the vegan game, so still figuring out what’s tasty and what makes me sad. This is a recipe I will be sticking with. Well done!!

  102. I tried these out this morning and they were *almost* perfect! The texture was great. They just get the almost rating because I don’t like the flavour the coconut oil gives them. I’m going to try substituting them for a blander oil in future. What would you recommend? Vegetable oil? Vegetable shortening? Margarine? Would I use the same amount?

    I used soy milk and egg replacer rather than almond milk or flax seed.

  103. I made these last weekend for my bf (added some chocolate chips of course) and they were stellar! Best pancake recipe I’ve tried at home, vegan or otherwise. Perfect texture… and I really appreciated the tips for mixing and cooking!

  104. Thanks for the detailed post with all the explanations and tips! I usually just use a mix and then add a flax egg and almond milk. I’m trying to get away from stuff like that though, and it’s not a big deal to measure my own dry ingredients. Haha…anyway, I have a couple questions. 1. Do you think I can use whole wheat pastry flour? Even if they aren’t the fluffiest ever, would they be okay? 2. I make homemade cashew milk rather than store bought non-dairy milks. Do you think that will give the buttermilk effect or is there something I need from the commercial ones? Looking forward to making these next weekend!

    • Hi Kristi! I think pastry flour would be okay… if I remember, pastry has a little less gluten than all-purpose but the process and results should be the same. And yes, I think cashew milk would be incredible for the buttermilk effect!

  105. So, I was all excited to make these tonight. Talked about it all day at work. Passionately defended my dinner of pancakes to colleagues.



    Tomorrow, I make pancakes!

  106. Just finished making and eating the pancakes. Absolutely fabulous!! They turned out perfectly! I used vanilla almond milk, and it worked great. They were better than any other pancake I’ve ever eaten, vegan or non. Thank you soooo much for concocting the perfect pancake recipe!

  107. Finally made these – delicious! Best vegan pancakes I have tried. Topped with cashew and peanut butters, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries – so good!

  108. Amazing pancakes ! I’m having to avoid dairy as my baby is allergic . My boyfriend is a major dairy fiend but even he was impressed! Nice texture, great taste. Will be making again !!!

  109. These are absolutely amazing! We tried them this morning and they are the best tasting, fluffiest Vegan pancakes we have made before! Perfect consistency and taste! Thanks so much for sharing!

  110. These turned out wonderfully! I used coconut sugar, added ½ a teaspoon of vanilla and a bit of cinnamon, and subbed half of the coconut oil out for almond butter… they were delicious!

  111. Hi I’m in the process of going vegan and came across your recipe. I haven’t made conventional pancakes in while so I’ve tried various banana-egg and sweet potato pancakes. My husband who is not vegan said these are the best pancakes I’ve ever made. My two and three year old also had seconds. Great recipe! Like many recipes make sure you try a couple times to master the art of pancake making. If you get the flavor nailed down then you are more than half way to where you want to be. Thanks for sharing those amazing and healthy recipe!

  112. I made these over the weekend for me and my husband and they were the best vegan pancakes we’ve ever had! I followed the recipe as written but added two teaspoons of chia seed for extra goodness!

  113. Andrew, you are so patient when people change somethingthing and then complain that it didn’t turn out. We love these at our house and have them every Sunday now. After making them several times the way you posted, I started adding blueberries and it makes them super delicious with maple syrup on top. While visiting family in Michigan, I made these for them and they were devoured. My brother in law even requested the recipe and he isn’t vegan at all. Thank you for making my new vegan lifestyle easier. I have used unsweetened almond, cashew and soy milks and all of them work great though cashew is still my favorite. Someday I hope to have left overs so I can eat some the next day without having to make the batter from scratch because no matter how many I make, there are never any left.

    • Haha! It’s a part of the job I’m so glad you all enjoyed the pancakes, and I’m glad to hear that they work with different non-dairy milks. Thank you for reporting back and letting me know 🙂

  114. I saw your post on the thumbprint cookies and I can’t wait to make then tonight when I buy more flour. Thank you do much for taking the time too post these delicious recipes

  115. Awesome recipe! Use chia instead of flax is only substitution and I’ve added chocolate chips and these are a hit with my 7 year old who can’t eat eggs. I’m making them every weekend! Thanks!

  116. I made these for the second time and even my husband thought they were great and he eats nothing healthy. We put dark chocolate chips (I know!) down the center and rolled them likes crepes. Delicious, great easy recipe!

  117. Bomb Pancakes! Thanks for this great recipe my five year old who has a severe dairy allergy and an egg allergy was well pleased. Even the rest of the family who loves all things dairy absolutely loved them. Now I won’t have to make separate batches anymore. The only variation was I used a premade egg replacer (i bought before I found your recipe) and added a tsp. Of vanilla.

  118. Good to see that you made a good looking pancake. Now can you try a little harder to make one more difficult? No oil / sugar? Also, what about oatmeal pancake?

  119. I’ve search for ages trying to find a good vegan pancake recipe. This one creates perfect pancakes and is so delicious as a waffle as well! I used egg replacer power instead of flax seeds (used 2 “eggs”) and it turned out wonderful. Pancakes were light and fluffy. My go to pancake recipe!

  120. I can honesty say, these ARE, in fact THE best pancakes I have had & made, ve9an or otherwise!

    I too never was able 2 cook perfect ones (truth b told I still jack ’em up lol turnin9 too soon or not enou9h oil…)

    But these r my 9o 2 ones NOW! I even sneakily tau9ht a non ve9an how 2 make these & she does so all the time now!

    Thanks so very much 4 sharin9 your 9enius!!!!

    The only hope I have 4 your site is nutrition info since i’m doin9 a calorie specific fast… but I realize u may not want 2 9o that deep.

    PS- because I require hi9h protein, I add okara from makin9 tofu 2 the batter!

  121. I woke up this morning craving pancakes. By noon I was hungry enough to actually make them, bordering on hangry even. This recipe kind of intimidated me with the ‘flax egg,’ but I actually had all the ingredients on hand so I went for it.

    First, the ‘flax egg’ is incredibly simple so my fear was misplaced.

    Second, they took practically no time to whip up and I was eating before the angry came out in ‘hangry’.

    Third, these were the most delicious, melt in your mouth, soul-satisfying pancakes ever. All that goodness and they’re healthy!

    Thanks for perfecting this recipe for us 🙂

    • Hi Jessica! Haha, I love the details in your comment – I’m so happy that your fears were misplaced, and that these pancakes could help you remove all hanger from your life :p

  122. We watched Forks Over Knives last night and decided we would give a vegan diet a go. This was my very first intentional vegan dish for breakfast – and they were fantastic ! My husband said they are the best pancakes I’ve ever made – so thank you !! Even got my carnivore daughter to try them – she scoffed a pile of them too 🙂

  123. I could not make a decent pancake to save my life. Because of this recipe the above statement is no longer true.
    Thank you forever 🙂

  124. Best pancakes EVER!! I’ve been vegan for only three weeks after being a vegetarian for 17 years and these kick any egg pancakes in the butt! I can’t believe how well flaxseed works for binding. I had mine with a homemade raspberry couli and coconut yoghurt. I must try more of your delicious recipes. Thanks so much for working this recipe out 😀

  125. Yet another voice to say that these are great. I just made them now, using whole chia seeds instead of the ground flaxseed (just because it’s what I had available) and also adding a scant cup of very thick banana and berry smoothie that was left over from breakfast (I would normally put some inclusions in pancakes, such as chopped bananas or berries, that was the inclusion for today). They came out beautifully, light and fluffy. I really appreciate your detailed instructions about pre-heating of the pan, adding the touch of oil, what the batter should sound like when it goes in, looking for the bubbles etc because I am NOT good at judging those things for myself. I followed your instructions and it worked out most satisfactorily. This bookmark is my go to for pancakes from now on. Cheers, Les from Melbourne, Australia

  126. Hi Andrew! We absolutely love these pancakes! My boyfriend is a vegan and a triathlete and we were going to try to concoct some portables with these pancakes for his long bike rides. Do you happen to know the nutritional values? Thanks!

  127. Hi Andrew, I would like to put my name in your long list of people who love this recipe. Good on you! I have finished eating three of them. My son who is most reluctant to eat plant based foods gobbled up his.

    I appreciate your step by step instructions as well. And I followed them. I used ground up chia seeds instead of the flax, almond milk, and coconut sugar for the sweetener.

    I was interested in the science behind your recipe. Can you tell me why your pancakes come out that way. I have heard that apple cider vinegar and baking soda helps things to rise ie some chemical reaction happening there….
    Yummy yummy and thanks heaps .

    • Hi Shell, glad you like it! 🙂 As far as the science, I really don’t know the specifics. The vinegar is more about creating a buttermilk taste in the pancakes, the banking soda just works with the baking powder to help them rise.

  128. Hi Andrew. Thanks so much for the recipe! My husband and I are pancake lovers but have also had trouble coming up with a perfect vegan recipe so we are anxious to try these. ☺️ Question: If over-mixing is a gluten problem, do you think that using a gluten-free flour blend would resolve that issue? Thanks again!

  129. I don’t know what I did wrong but this batter came out like cookie dough.
    I’m about to give up on pancakes, I’ve tried so many recipes!

    • Bummer! Well if it was too thick that almost certainly means it had too little liquid in proportion to the dry ingredients. It could have been an incorrect measurement or just a variation in the consistency – flours are agricultural products that can vary and you have to make adjustments at times. Try a small test batch again with a little more liquid!

  130. Many thanks to you. These vegan pancakes are soooooo yummy. I have tried other vegan pancakes recipe but they didn’t work. As you said your pancakes are the perfect!!!

    Thanks again 🙂

  131. Oh my gosh, these are, hands down, the best pancakes I have ever eaten! I was practically brought to tears with my first bite. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work with us!

  132. Omg are you kidding me!! I’m not vegan but eventually want to be, so I’m starting off with staying away from dairy and meat so I was looking for a good vegan pancake recipe since i LOVEEE pancakes and these were the BEST pancakes I’ve ever made. Not even joking!! Better than any box pancake or any other pancake recipe i ever tried to make from scratch. They came out soooo fluffy! I just loveddd them.

  133. Hi Andrew,
    Look forward to trying this recipe. I’m having a real challenge finding a (good) low-carb or keto vegan recipe. All recipes (no matter their claims) have turned out to be gloopy and incredibly sticky on the pan. End result: a mess by the time it gets to the plate.
    Wonder if you have any ideas or any recipes you would recommend.
    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Richard, ah I don’t do any low carb cooking so that’s definitely not my area of expertise… especially with pancakes, I could imagine that would be nearly impossible.

  134. I typically make these with flax seeds but didn’t have any this morning so I used chia seeds instead. They came out just fine but I prefer the slight nuttiness the flax seeds add to the mix. Thought I’d weigh in for people who’ve got a choice to make. 🙂 Also, I made the chia ‘egg’ first and then added it into the batter. I wonder if I could’ve dropped them in just plain since I ended up whisking them all up anyway, but also a note for people curious how to add them.

  135. Would these work with Spelt flour? Our grocery stores don’t have a very good selection of flour so Spelt is all we have right now.

    • Hi Kal, probably. Spelt has gluten just like wheat flour so it’ll probably be quite similar but I haven’t tried it myself and can’t say for sure. Give it a shot? 🙂

  136. Oh man, I thought I was crazy for never being able to make vegan pancakes. They always turned out gummy, undercooked, or burnt. I gave up for a while until… I found this recipe! They were perfect! Thank you so much! Now my daughter and I can enjoy delicious pancakes every weekend

  137. Finally! A vegan pancake recipe that is light and fluffy without using bananas or applesauce. I used King Arthur cup-for-cup gluten-free flour and they turned out beautifully. Thank you for a vegan recipe that actually works!

  138. I have never been a pancake fan. But I wanted to make some quick freezer breakfasts for busy mornings. This recipe 100% changed my mind. Subbed chia seeds for flax. Didn’t have coconut oil so used a little vegan butter. Fluffy and delightful! Thank you!

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