2013 was the year it all began… It was a bright afternoon in March when I fired up my Vitamix and watched the contents (kale, cashews, and frozen banana) blur into a bright green mixture. I poured it into a glass, carefully placed this glass on my patio, and used my iPhone to snap a few pictures. It became known as the ‘Super Kale Shake’ and was the first recipe ever published on a new website I called

I had no idea that over the course of this first year I would post an additional 85+ recipes, or that they would be viewed half a million times…

While these recipes will always be freely available on the blog, I believe that when it comes to cooking, there is simply no substitute for a cookbook. Cookbooks have always been the easiest way to browse, plan, and prepare great meals.

That’s why I organized and reformatted all the recipes from the blog into one convenient package that makes it easier than ever to read, navigate, and print your favorite recipes from…

It’s called The 2013 Archive Cookbook and it includes over 80 great recipes – everything since that first Super Kale Shake in March. All this content has been carefully formatted into one beautiful 120-page eCookbook that’s packed with delicious, high-quality recipes.

You can add this book to your iPad, read it on your computer, or print out your favorite recipes to keep handy in the kitchen. This is by far the easiest and most convenient way to get started cooking all the recipes on One Ingredient Chef.

Whether you’re in the mood for a Super Kale Shake or a Sesame Rice Bowl… some Cauliflower Alfredo Pizza or some Chai-Infused Chocolate Pudding… the archive cookbook makes it more convenient than ever to get started cooking delicious and healthy meals – there’s enough ideas here to keep you busy trying new things for months.

This PDF eCookbook is available to be downloaded instantly through the button below:



The Archive Cookbook is available for a contribution of $12 or more. If you’ve enjoyed the free content on my website, your purchase is a great way to say “thanks” and ensure there are many more tasty recipes created in 2014 and beyond:


Thank you for your support over this first amazing year – I couldn’t do any of this without you reading, making, and sharing my recipes.


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