Quinoa Tabbouleh with Lentils and Olives

Tabbouleh is the Mediterranean dish of bulgur wheat with finely-chopped parsley, lemon juice, and often mint and tomatoes as well. Over the years, I’ve developed my own version of this dish with a base of quinoa instead of wheat, lots of parsley, and whatever else I have on hand. In fact, over 4 years ago, this quinoa tabbouleh was the second-ever recipe I posted on this blog. Just look at those pictures!

This is the first time I’ve added lentils to the mix, and I think it’s pretty awesome. Not only do they add a ton more protein to the already protein-rich quinoa, but they add a delicious umami flavor while staying within the mediterranean theme. I’ve also added olives and topped with hummus to add more richness, which works extremely well. In all, it’s one of those classic go-to dishes; a simple, easy, healthy, delicious one-dish meal that you can make in about 10 minutes once you have some cooked lentils and quinoa on hand.

Makes: 6+ servings


  • 5 cups cooked white quinoa
  • 2 1/2 cups cooked black lentils
  • Approx. 20 Kalamata olives
  • 2 cups finely-chopped parsley
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • hummus, for garnish

Step One

Prepare some quinoa and lentils. For the quinoa, start with about 2 cups of dry and 4 cups of water and cook until fluffy. For the lentils, I’m not gonna lie, I used Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lentils which are amazing, but you can also use canned or make them yourself according to package instructions.

Step Two

While those are cooking, prepare all the other ingredients. Finely chop the parsley (that’s really important, you want tiny pieces of parsley for a good tabbouleh). Halve the Kalamata olives. Mince the garlic. And squeeze the lemon juice.

Step Three

When the quinoa is fluffy and the lentils are cooked, drain the lentils and add them to a large bowl with the quinoa. Then mix in all the other ingredients (minus the hummus) and stir to combine – adding as much salt and pepper as you think it needs.

Step Four

Chill. You don’t have to chill, it would be fine to eat this warm or room temperature but it’s best chilled. When ready to serve, simply spoon into serving bowls and top with hummus.


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  1. Hold on a second? TJ’s has lentils? Of what deliciousness do you speak? My eyes have not seen those before and I feel called to explore them.

    Also, loving the swap of lentils and quinoa here. Yum. I would have to add that bit of fresh mint though to feel like I am eating tabouli.

    • Hey Lori! Sorry for the late reply, my comment system stopped sending me notifications for a few days :/ Yes! They’re pre-cooked and marinated and amazing, in a blue-ish package by the veggies 🙂

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